The Haute Route Alps, we prepare with my coach and friend was successful. All this started since our last winter in Thailand.

Keep envy, learn to ride, climbing ascents and manage. A tough week but lightened by the meetings and the emotions.

From September 2 to 7, La Haute Route Pyrenees. It is a unique privilege that offered by the OC SPORT. Living in the exclusive recognition of the act of the Pyrenees which will be officially launched in 2013. Under similar conditions, a doctor, a photographer, a physiotherapist and assistance Mavic follow us. The staff of the OC Sports with Jim Alran Benjamin Chandelier and creator of course Jean-François Alcan accompanied us. At each ascent, we had a refueling appetizing and we could put dry. In the evening, we were housed in premium package and extra menus!

How chain Haute Route Alps and Pyrenees

The sequence of the High Road is a real challenge. This requires attendance at training and cyclosportives all throughout the year to chain such charge.

The head is also important. Must have the desire and motivation to climb the hills.

new landscape, new flavor.

The Pyrenees have a different flavor. The side of the Spanish, the landscape is different in the Alps. But the difficulty is always waiting for you. The Pyrenees are preserved, wild and full of surprises. Then approach the end, tired, we feel the same motivation to be on the sand.

We cross atmospheres, and probably the legends of the large loop. It will not be the altitude will be difficult but you will find the emotion experienced at each stage of the Alps.

In the next few weeks, the Haute Route unveil the route.

The end will be just as colorful and sunny.

Patient …

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