How to continue the “Haute Route” Alps and Pyrenees?

Second participation in the Haute Route 2012. It falls into the category of stage races, ultra cycling event where only OC SPORT is capable of achieving. Generating intense memories and queen cyclosportives by step.
The Haute Route Alps 2012, we prepare with my coach and friend was successful.
For the record, I met my friend, guess-where? On the Haute Route 2011 and winner of the last two edition. He shared a lot and made me understand that your only limitation was in the head but not the hurdles. And the 2012 edition, I again met people and learned exceptions.
Alpes d'Huez #hauteroute

Then I vibrated and was excited to announce this new Haute Route Pyrenees. It was a unique privilege that gives us the OC SPORT. Living in the exclusive recognition of the act of the Pyrenees which will be officially launched in 2013.

Haute Route Pyrenees.

Windy day

This is a new logistical challenge for the oc sport. Duplication of the Haute Route is not as simple. We need to find two cities departure and arrival, which have the infrastructure necessary to accommodate future participants of the Haute Route. Airport, Railway Station, the road and sea.

The Haute Route Pyrenees be as difficult as that of the Alps.

How continue “Haute Route” Alps and Pyrenees

The sequence of the “Haute Route” is a challenge. This requires attendance at training and cyclosportives all throughout the year to chain such charge.

The head is very important. Must have the desire and motivation to climb the hills.
It is not Christian Haetich who contradict us. (I invite you to read an interview I achieved, and graciously published by the excellent blog of my friend Laurent Martel Flame Red).

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After Haute Route Alps. 3 days of complete rest is needed and clarify the body. Digestion, the liver must rest. Muscles must regenerate. The head must refuel envy. Then to the beginning of the second start, it must resume quietly, without intensity and you are redesigned to the Pyrenees!

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Comment poursuivre les “Haute Route” Alpes et Pyrénées ?

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