I tested the muscular sensor of oxygenation MOXY

The practice of cycling became in the course of time a laboratory with open sky. New technologies allow a followup of its form in depth. The use of the heart rate was largely democratized and the sensors of power are not any more one exclusiveness thanks to an important market offerToday, it is the muscular sensor of oxygenation incoming ! A sum of indicators in real time is offered to us.
garminiq-moxymonitorI had opportunity of testing during a few weeks, thenew sensor of Moxy oxygenation imported intoEurope by the Swinco company. I launched out inan empirical way to exploit the device. During thetest this winter, I did not escape the influenza. This virus was opportunity of weakening me and of noting with interest the value of Moxy which i will share you.




This portable device makes it possible to measure in real time the oxygenation of the muscle, theSmO2. Muscular oxygenation is a measurement of the quantity of haemoglobin able to transportoxygen in the capillaries of the muscle. It is expressed as a percentage from 0 to 100 and is often shortened in SmO2. It is measured optically with a light near infrared. It is thus about a localand notinvasive measurement. Thus without large muscular constraint, the SmO2 will be able with the effort being lower than 90% and to very low go down to the effort to 10%.

Each individual is different. At rest as with the effort, SmO2 is something which varies betweenpeople. The differences are physiologicalaccording to the state of fatic of the body, or the hygiene of life of the practitioner.


Usually, the evaluation of a profile ofperformance turns around the concept of V02max, of PMA  and heart rate. The Sm02 unit has more interest than VO2max. SmO2 indicates its real capacity to use oxygen.

Best the way of interpreting Sm02 is of visualier the relationship between the capability of the body required oxygen and the capacity of themuscles to use oxygen. It is a key factor in the capacity of endurance of the athlete.

The goal on the long run is thus to developits capacity to use oxygen with the effort.

The data at rest is an element of identification of a good recovery, synomyme of agood gaseous exchange with the muscles

Interpretation of Sm02.

  1. If the oxygencontribution increases more than the request then SmO2 goes up.
  2. If the demand for oxygen increases more than the supply, SmO2 descend
  3. If the contribution and the need areequal SmO2 remains the same one.

All these scenarios can occur during the effortWith SmO2, the importance of breathing is understood. Oxygen is the base of the bioenergetic one. Thus, the changes of intensity between the contribution and the needdetermines the performance.

Observations of the use of the MOXY.

Above, I synthesized 4 points of observations following the datagathering MOXY. SmO2 tends to decrease:

  • When heat increases.

When we produce an effort, we generate heatOur body must cool by the tranpiration and the displacement of blood towards the skin to release heat. The blood which moves throughthe skin means less blood in the muscles, andconsequently the oxygen supply becomes limited.
=> It is thus important not too much to be covered at the time of an effort, and to wearclothing technical and breathing. Also atmeeting inside, it is important to be in aventilated place.

  • When the heart rate increases.

The heart rate is in correlation with the performance. In order to increase its effortwe need to use more oxygen. The heart must more extremely beat in order to answer the request. In the course of intensity, i reached astate of balance. The body reacts and adaptsto the situation of the effort. It is our capacity to tolerate the effort. To follow in the article

  • When there is tiredness.

Many factors cause tiredness. It generates anincapacity required and to use oxygen atasufficiently high rate to continue to produceenergy for muscular work. To involve itself on tiredness, still contribute of advantage to tiredness. Its phases should well be managed. It is with double cuttingedge.

  • When we are sick.

The body does not function normally any more. Our capacity required or to use oxygen during the exercise becomesblocked. I had the effect with the influenza of itFever, synonymous with heat; the fight against the virus, and thus of blood impoverishes in haemoglobin. When the form returned, I saw it!



Here 2 graphs of training which I carried out.

4 minutes with the Lactic threshold onTrainer.

  1. Pendant Home 20 minutes, Sm02 (line blue) is stabilized in aerobic zone.
  2. During minutes, SmO2 decreases to 20% in an anaerobic zone, in correlation to an increase in the Heart rate and power.

Into live, a progressive effort of the aerobic zone V3to the lactic threshold 1

  1. carried out a constant effort in aerobe during 35min where Sm02 is stable with 40%.
  2. I increased my requirement into 02 while passing to a lacticthreshold during 1 minute. Sm02 decreases with30%. In surventilation, im return to an aerobic effort, and one observes a clear improvement of Sm02 during 5 minutes (cf. of interpretation 1.before a stable return to 40%I reduces my effort to V2 and makes turn the legs at the time of the descent. One observes a significant increase of SmO2.

Watch activity on strava and on Kinomap below


Of my use, SmO2 agrees perfectly for a followup of its progression and more precisely to its capacity to make profitable its effort. The objective is to improve the use of oxygen by the muscles. It also makes it possible to detect tiredness and to adapt its training at the physiological state of the moment. Its use will be specific on a body in the fine shape and the realization of test of effort.

Keep in mind, that the first indicator of your form is you. Remain with the listening of your feelingsThese tools are there to give indicators on its level of effort. The only Master on board bicycle, it is that which presses on the pedals.

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