Le chemin des Douaniers

The race stage of Roc d’Azur

Roc d’Azur resounds like Eurocéennes of the bicycle any ground. One plays of the Electricbicycle, and the kidsroc are not forgotten in draisienne. Enduro, Excursion, Tandem, Cross-country race, Triathlon, the vtt is celebrated as it should be !  31 tests are with the program of the34ème festival of the VTT with 4 races headlights  :Tri Roc VTT, the Canyon Roc Marathon,Alltricks.com Rando Roc Noir and the ROC D’AZUR.

More than of the races, it is also it appointment ofthe brands of the cycle, organizers of events andthe media. October is with profit to discover theinnovations cycles, to test the bicycles and to havean exchange privileged with the brands, thechampions and the ambassadors.  

pilotes specialized au salon du roc d'azur

Christophe Sauser, Loïc Bruni, les pilotes et champions du monde Specialized sont présents. © Specialized France

In 2016, I discovered the Roc d’Azur in his version Marathon and the new Gravel test. I have amemorable memory of it. This year, I return to discover the Roc in his least details and to perfectmy piloting while taking part in Roc Trophy.  

What Roc Trophy  ?

Roc Trophy is the race with stage of the Roc d’Azur. This challenge de4 stages disputes insupport of Roc Light, Roc Marathon, the Rock ofAzur Junior and the Roc d’Azur. The ranking of Roc Trophy is not compared to the ranking of thetests support. It is a quite distinct ranking.  Eachday the podium calls the 3 first of the stage and thegeneral classification of Roc Trophy  . A distinctiveshirt is given to the leader. Participants of the challenge ontle privilege to leave first wave.

J0 Roc Azur Trophy. Reception of the numbersand briefing

Departure day before, the handing-over of the numbers takes place on the basis of nautical Frejus. A specific space is dedicated to Roc Trophy. There is no waiting. The provided pack is copiously furnished with energy-generating products of the partner of the Roc.

The Roc puts the small dishes in the large ones. The director of race of the Roc d’Azur gathers the 300 participants of Roc Trophy. He describesus quickly what expects us. It continuation with thehistory of Roc d’Azur and what the implementation of the event throughout the year represents.

Indeed, most course private properties borrowand require a regular maintenance and thecompetition of its owners. It is of this need quel’organization for the Roc d’Azur created anassociation gathering more than hundred owner.The latter receive a financing in order to maintainthe state of the ways for our greater pleasure of returning to the Roc.

A small dresser and drink are offered to us at theend of the evening.  

J1 The Roc d’Azur light “and fast”

The departure of the first stage is launched at 8:00.The sun rises gently whereas the roc’ eurs of thetrophy leave beating drums. Even with cafeine, thealarm clock is violent.

The dry and dusty ground does not appear atechnical part. It is a kind of prologue. If the firstcarries out a 52 minutes time, I manage to hangthe 33e place in 1 hours out of the 22 km and 300meters of uneven.  This Roc light makes it possible to take reference marks to approach abetter departure and to anticipate the lastkilometers of the arrival of the tests of Roc Trophy. 

Arrivée du Roc Light avec ma skinsuit specialized et manchette 2XU

Arrivée du Roc Light avec ma skinsuit specialized et manchette 2XU

Results Roc Trophy :

  1. MICHALEK Mariusz00:52:15
  2.  BRZOZKA Adrian 00:53:55
  3. BRZOZKA Piotr 00:53:57 

J2 The Roc d’Azur Marathon. 

Still a little earlier, our first wave is at 7:30. I do without the exciting effects of the coffee, to privilege a new breakfast light and protidic. The marathon, with its 86 km and 2500 meters of positive, we will have time to be greedy on the bicycle.

Tactically, it is always essential to get the best start to position with the outpost of the race. It is onthe first part that the difference is done. The ways are technical and in particular the first descent of Fournel.   

la descente du fournel roc d'azur

La descente du Fournel

To half of the course, the ways are extended and been advantageous to roll quickly. It is more difficult to create variations. The technical parts arefewer. It is necessary to show clearness on stonepassages, with crossings of obstacles and certaincommitted descents. The ground is dry and makesthe handling timid. Roc Marathon, it is thebeginning and the end of Roc d’Azur. Technique atthe beginning, travelling, wild and natures with its second third, and an end put rhythm into with the passage on the way of the “Chemins des Douaniers”.

Le chemin des Douaniers

Le chemin des Douaniers

Longer than the edition 2016, I improve my tenminute old stop watch in 5:05. I’m classified 21e of Roc Trophy 2.  

Results Roc Trophy :

  1. MICHALEK Mariusz 03:55:59
  2. BRZOZKA Adrian 03:58:43
  3. CARABIN Sebastien 03:58:52  

J3 The Roc d’Azur Juniors 

After our prologue and the marathon, the rockaccelerates. The 3rd stage of Roc Trophy rolls onthe course of the Roc d’Azur Juniors.  It is alayout of 42 km and 750 meters positive taking again the key passages of the Roc d’Azur- with the descent of Fournel, the collar of Bougnon and the ways of the “chemins des douaniers”. It is a new occasion to perfect its piloting before the testqueen of Sunday, the ROC d’AZUR.

The participants of Roc Trophy have the privilegeto leave 15 minutes before the Juniors to avoid anyconfusion in the competition. After two departuresin diesel, I finally made a success of my starting to position me in the 10 first.  By roll on the sameways, we manage to anticipate the development sand with better placing itself before the difficulties.

The first kilometers of the course are fast, before approaching the first committed passage ofFournel to the tracks more breakable, put rhythm into and sinuous with wish. The need for being vigilant and for maintaining energy are of primary importance to hold the pace.  

Passage sur la plage de Saint Aygulf

Passage sur la plage de Saint Aygulf © Kevin Boscardin

If I maintained a top 20 during more half of the race, I regressed with the 40ème place for lack of rhythm. As soon as you slackenings the pace onthis format of cross-country race, and with the density of vttist on the test, you can quickly loseplaces. The variations of time remain weak. I concluded the stage in 2:08. This morning, I also appreciated the effectiveness of a plate osymétric.Convinced and convincing, I directly went to say my felt to his founder. I will approach soon anarticle test on this plate.  

Specialized EPIC PRO

Mon Specialized EPIC PRO

Results Roc Trophy :

  1. CARABIN Sebastien 01:48:12
  2. CIBAT Emmanuel 01:52:24
  3. SDRIGOTTI Romain 01:53:08

J4 THE Roc d’Azur

Organized by Amaury Sport Organisation, Roc d’Azur is with the image of the “ETAPE DU TOUR” for the cyclist on road. It is one of the rare events sportsman which links in the effort the professionals and the general public. It is amassive test, of notoriety and reputation. You canbe multiple Olympic champion but never not have gained the Roc. You can be in world top 10 and multiple winner of the Roc. Yes, Roc d’Azur is arevealing race and which justifies.

An intense test as well on the physical level as of the course.  The course is very breakable withmany change of rhythms, and rapid. If you want to play with the best, it is necessary to take the initiative and to maintain its attention to gain invaluable places and to avoid the possible stoppers and even while leaving in wave 1.

After 3 days of race, my brain accumulated most of information on the course and the strategyto adopt to make a success of Roc d’Azur.  I cut myself through a path more easily. I remake my delay in the technical rises and parts. 

La descente du Fournel Roc d'Azur

La descente du Fournel est l’une des parties populaire du Roc d’Azur.

The descent of Fournel is shivering. The clamours of the spectators inhibit your fears.  

Dans le Col du Bougnon © Mickael Gagne

Dans le Col du Bougnon © Mickael Gagne

The rise of Bougnon is quite as spectacular. One is made push by the encouragements of the spectators. This rise gives again “a blow of boost”to go down again of the Roc and to plungetowards the azure of the Mediterranean. Passage of the customs officers, with the crossing of the beach, it is an end in a profile of against-the-watch which carries out to cross the finishing line and to make foam Chimay on the stand Vojomag. 

A l'arrivée du Roc d'Azur

A l’arrivée du Roc d’Azur

Resultat Roc Trophy :

  1. CARABIN Sebastien 02:17:29 
  2. MICHALEK Mariusz 02:15:53
  3. BRZOZKA Adrian 3 02:17:29 

Overall classement Roc Trophy

It is a challenge to make a success of its ROCK d’AZUR. I finish tired, I took dust, I had shivers andI got my kicks in descent.

Day after days you gain your gallons to make a success of YOUR ROC D’AZUR.

The result it is the icing on the cake, because mybrain liked bathed in the euphoria of endorphin. This 24th place in 11:00 justifies me to again climb ROC with the handlebar of my new Epic. 

  1. Winner CARABIN Sebastien 09:00:13
  2. MICHALEK Mariusz 09:03:50
  3. BRZOZKA Adrian 09:04:42

infographie résultats trophy roc d'azur

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