The adventure starts at the edge of Lake Geneva. Switzerland is well known for its neutrality and trading platform in the world. American, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Thai Brazilian, Israeli, Kenyan, English, Swiss, French, … The Haute Route radiates worldwide. The aspiration is different for different people. Some participate in their first cycling event, others are older, cycling enthusiasts and others are used to big events in search performance.

It is thus a heterogeneous organizational level must rigorously manage. Move more than 600 people from Geneva to Nice, find places of accommodation and quality restorations, allow any one individual to recover better and move safely through the most beautiful and highest pass in the Alps. The OC SPORT has once again achieved. This second edition is a success that it has improved and I have no doubt, will find a new idea.

What was the level of HIGH ROAD 2012?

The class of strong Pouy with Peter, Emma Pooley, Benjamin Blaugrund and Chocol Michel Richard Scales and a Kenyan who shared the front of the race for the 7 days.

Then it is a very homogeneous 25 riders that we find.

So this year was particularly noted with interest with the tactical team building.

This Regulation should point committed future editions leveling level and offer more activities

How to recover between each step?

Overall, the organization of the Haute Route is fixed principle that riders come with his bike, run and retrieve. All logistics are managed by the organizer, comprehensive briefings are conducted every day, doctors and physiotherapists are present to soften the pain of all. We need to be less concerned.

Then to each his recovery method. Not all have experience and knowledge in physiology, biomechanics and nutrition for constant performance.

A few points: hydration, roulotter after arrival to eliminate toxins and recharge rapidementles calories during the race. Everyone is free to compose his stage days before tomorrow.

How do we live on the Haute Route?

There are three types of accommodation:
The premium package. We are staying in 3 star hotels or residences. Lunch is taken in the hotel 2 hours before departure. For the best freight services, browse this site and get impeccable services! 

The basic pack. Runners are housed in residences common quality and smaller lunch together.

Without pack. Some may choose to manage their hosting. The organizer provides transport luggage to the place of arrival, post-race meal and medical assistance.

Where to eat in the evening?

This is new for this edition. Stations hosting the event see their economic and social dynamic. Riders have the choice to eat in nearby restaurants. This innovation was put in place following point improvement finishers 2011. Indeed, in the first edition, it was difficult to quickly serve riders. The variety of food was low.

So this year, participants had a choice and time to eat.

Your opinions.

You are a cyclosportif warned or you have started a personal challenge. How did you feel about this event? Leave your comment.