After the presentation to the press of the riders of the KOM Challenge 2016, we performed an hour of cycling between riders and media from Taiwan KOM Challenge. Accompanied by Omar Fraile, Ibai Salas, Emma Pooley, Wily Mulonia and Jayson O’Mahonney we went to the beach Chishingtan which is the starting point of the race. We enjoy a sunny and warm weather for this release with sprint [here]

© Daebong KIM / VeloPaper

© Daebong KIM / VeloPaper

Come ride in Hualien

I invite you to ride right now or simply discover the roads of the county of Hualien with Kinomap. This day was an opportunity to ask Omar, Ibai, Jayson and Wily, their claim to KOM Challenge. [View the interviews]

About Kinomap is the first free global platform sharing fully geotagged videos. Users can also download more data on their activities as cadence, power or heart rate as shown above.

All videos are available to simulate trainings in indoor (home trainer, treadmill) with the application Kinomap Trainer, available for iOS and Android and also the web player in partnership with google. Cyclists can thus reproduce an effort in the same environment as the video, but also create training programs on video.