Each year Strava proposes to you to generate a film of 1 minute exploiting the activities that you have shared on the social network of all the sports. The film is personalized and captures the key figures of your accomplishments in 2016:


  • New personal record PR: 691
  • New best climbing time KOM: 28
  • The longest exit: 220 km during the Ardéchoise
  • Your top partner: Julien Lodolo (Person with whom you were most often, this is explained on the skis and the Haute Route Alps)
  • The photo with the most KUDOS: it was Taiwan KOM
  • The exit with the most KUDOS: it was for Granfondo St Tropez
  • Total distance to bike: 20,645 km
  • Total walking distance: 93 km
  • Total distance: 21,000 km
  • Total activity time:  901 hours 

The procedure is simple


  1. Go to the dedicated website 2016.strava.com/us/en/
  2. Connect your strava account
  3. The video is generated and you can share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

What about your story with Strava?

We commemorate our personal accomplishments and offer a new beginning. Sport, cycling, a passion as great as the well-being and social balance that it provides. To the extent of its ambitions, we will all have achieved a goal, a PR, a KOM this year. What will happen next ?