Before leaving for Mongolia, I quoted 3 of my motivations. Beyond what I thought I could find, I came back from this challenge by lengthening my comfort scale. As you all know, I spend more time on the tarmac, but everything on two wheels captures my imagination. I just returned from my first Mongolia Bike Challenge (MBC) with a growing mind and even more reason to undertake new destinations.

Motivated by the journey, the discovery of a country and a sporting challenge, I was among the 108 participants of the Mongolia Bike Challenge. On August 13, 2017 began the epic Mongolia Bike Challenge, and she held emotional sensations. More than 20 countries represented, a journey of 600 kilometers and 8000 meters of cumulative elevation, ready to give the best of ourselves to live one of the memorable experiences of our lives.

From the sand of the extreme desert to the green mountain passes, passing by the crystalline streams, it is on the handlebars of my new Epic that I tell you the Mongolia Bike Challenge. A unique experience, and there is no doubt, will be rewarded by the beauty of the Mongolian landscape and the spirit of camaraderie that is formed at each stage.

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