Kinomap is the first social network to enhance geo-localized video. It has created a synergy between the new wireless connection technologies, the GPS, the camera actions, our screens and the practice of indoor sport.

Cycling, rowing, skiing, running, practitioners can train indoors on thousands of videos provided by world contributors. With Kinomap and its geolocalized videos, it is possible to ride in China, to remake the Brittany Classic West France race in Plouay, to ride on the Roc d’azur, to climb the Galibier and more. Your goal is to follow the original video. A multiplayer mode is also available. I will give you several reasons to prefer Kinomap.

1. Kinomap is participatory.

Kinomap lives from its subscription to the Kinomap application. He develops training applications and white label software with BH Fitness, Kettler, Decathlon Btwin.

Registration is free and offers a lot of functionality. You have the choice to contribute or to be a great player (or both). Travel around the world and browse roads around your home through the search options:

  • popularity, keywords, country, difficulty, duration, positive difference and more
  • Your GPX file or viewing the Heat video map
  • Video Playlists

2. Participate in challenges.

Every week, Kinomap highlights one of the contributors ‘ videos by proposing a challenge where rewards can be offered.

3. Progress from the inside on real routes.

This is one of the great values of Kinomap is to reproduce the characteristics of a course on high definition videos. The application connected to your training device reproduces the difficulty of the course with fidelity and allows you to project yourself in a future objective.
home trainer connecté à kinomap

4. Confront professionals.

Among the contributors to Kinomap, there are professional cyclists such as Jeremy Roy or Steve Morabito. It can be motivating to cling to the wheel of a pro from the Tour de France.

5. Share your activities.

Like any social network that respects you, you can embed your videos in websites or share them on social networks. If Kinomap’s vocation is to promote indoor sports activities, it is also a video platform like giants such as Youtube or Dailymotion.

6. Relive sporting events.

You missed the stage of the tour, you want to ride a race on the other side of the world, Kinomap and its contributors allow you.


Dans la montée du Bougnon au Roc d'Azur avec une caméra

Recording in Col du Bougnon

7. For the professionals of tourism, of the events, of the brands.

The potential of KINOMAP is in its areas of application. This could be an ideal promotional tool for tourist offices, event organizers and brands. During a trade show, the latter could offer an immersion on their courses and for a brand of bike it is the opportunity to have a bike tested in a specific and reproducible environment.

To summarize

Why use Kinomap? Whether you are cyclists, skiers, rowers or runners, Kinomap is a fun application to practice at home, while traveling or sharing your sports videos. The field of operation is vast and the development of the platform will continue to grow with the advent of new video technology, and multi-player encounters infused by Zwift.


Kinomap offers two use options. A free version with some videos and an unlimited but paying version giving you access to one of the high definition and exclusive content according to 2 formulas.

  • A monthly subscription of €9.99
  • An annual subscription of €79.99
  • Life subscription 22

  1. Create your user account
  2. Download Kinomap on your IOS or Android device.
  3. Combine your home trainer with Kinomap trainer via Bluetooth Smart or ANT +.
  4. Travel and browse the world from home

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