The Osymetric® tray is a UFO in the ovoid tray market. Since Roc d’Azur 2017, I changed shape. Here are 6 months that I ride on these plateaus both on the road and in mountain bikes, I have a better feeling of velocity and experience a “boost” effect on the course profiles.

I don’t come back in confrontations over the arguments put forward by the brand. I did not talk about gains of 10% watt or 10% lactic acid reduction. In this article, I will give you my experience of using a mono oval tray in mtb.

Le chemin des Douaniers

Roc d’Azur 2017

My experience oval trays.

Like many cyclists, I did my first pedal laps on round trays. My first Oval Tray was from Stronglight®, the BioConcept® model. I accentuated the ovalization by rolling for several years on the Rotor® brand. I was very pleased with the Rotor® curve. But I don’t barricade myself behind convictions. You have to constantly try new things to improve or maintain motivation.

The manufacture of Osymetric® trays

The osymetric trays are made in France, more exactly in Saint-Etienne by the mark Stronglight®. The experience and proximity of the firm Stéphanoise allows Osymetric® to develop its concept and adapt to “details of incompatibilities” set up by equipment manufacturers. The latter changing as much as possible small details and end up annoying everyone (wholesaler, retailers, and manufacturer) by claiming a benefit that only exists at the marketing level! Rest assured, there are always solutions.
poids du plateau ovale osymetric vtt 32
The weight. The tray weighs 62 grams.

pédalier truvativ stylo sram avec plateau ovale osymetric
With a pan and torcx key, I easily made the assembly on the Truvativ Pen Boost™ of my Specialized Epic PRO.

Specialized EPIC PRO

My Specialized EPIC PRO

On the shop floor, the chain goes up and down without a hitch on the SRAM Eagle 11v cassette. We feel at the top of the plateau moment of strength that will feel when riding his MTB.

In practice, how does the Osymetric plateau feel ?

In the first pedal turn, i feel this point force when i press. Accustomed to the mono round tray, the grip is initially destabilizing.

After a few minutes, my brain makes its “set point”. The pedal stroke “square” is forgotten.

The “boost” effect is felt at the highest pedaling time and accelerated by the minimization of the neutral position. The foot goes up faster and the sensation of velocity is felt.

In the slope, the advantage of ovality jumps very quickly to the eyes.

raid vtt les chemins du soleil

During the 2018 Sunny Single Tracks, this test anchored me in my conviction of the usefulness of the oval. In long passes, reducing the dead point gives the sensation of regulating its intensity and indirectly improving its speed of climb on average. This is synonymous with reduced energy cost and endurance.

xterra switzerland vallée de joux nicolas raybaud osymetric specialized 2XU

The most impressive “boost” is in crossing and in the grip. On steep slopes, uphill dotted with stone, crossed by roots, in the raises, the pedal stroke does not skate. As the neutral is eliminated, pushing and pulling the pedals are regular and helps keep a pulling force and impressive ground clearance. Gain on his bike, we can focus on driving.

Should we spend on ovoid trays?

osymetric 32
After 1200 km and 6 months of use, I’m one of those convinced by the benefit of Osymetric® trays and more broadly oval trays.

Several exchanges also confirm that oval trays are not made for all cycling profiles. Some people don’t adapt to pedaling or don’t feel any gain in using them, (especially when it takes strength to pass high percentage).

Having used the Rotor trays for 4 years, i do not regret my choice to have evolved to the Osymetric® curve.

The shape of Osymetric trays in TwinCam is unique. It stands out largely from the Hispanic brand rotor and other brands of the ovoid market. This pronounced oval certainly has a hard time convincing. It can be seen as a marketing caricature of ovalisation. But this is not a risky curve. What is your choice ?

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