It is the day of the stage queen of Mongolia Bike Challenge. The clouds plane on our base camp of Ulath. The stage 121 km is long and cumulates 2200 meters of rises. Dreaded, frightening, the day will be long and difficult. The participants will be able to define what are the mountains Mongolian. “Steep!”

The hour of the departure approaches. I read the messages of encouragements where my smartphone collects. From the beginning, I open the track while crossing the clouds. Horses run to our sides. The moment is magic. To the wire of the minutes, the fog rises revealing the giant statue of Ghengis Khan.
Stage 2 Mongolia Bike Challenge 2018 Leader

On 20 km of sandy track, we move towards the first rise which will create a selection of 7 units at the top of race.
Stage 2 Mongolia Bike Challenge 2018
I supports in the rises in order to reveal the true group of leader. That proves to be effective. Ryan Standish, Elijus Civilis, Belgian Antonio Ortioz, myself and one surprising which gives very to return each time in our wheels. I congratulate his commitment to hold head. It is also justified by it to continue the ride.
Stage 2 Mongolia Bike Challenge 2018 Bones

The stage proceeds as I had drawn in my thoughts. We roll to a good pace, regular and it is seen well that the blows of pedals lose their effectiveness as time passes. The selection will be natural.
Stage 2 Mongolia Bike Challenge 2018

It is to 20 km of the arrival, in the last GPM that Ryan Standish will keep his distance on Elijus, Antonio and myself. Each one manages its efforts. We all remain in point of view. Where last year, I walked, I keep this year of motricity on my Epic.
Stage 2 Mongolia Bike Challenge 2018 Specialized

The course is contemplative with wish. It is a delight to descend these green mountains at the horizons without end. One feels large and humble on arrival. 5:29, 4th I very gave until the end while being faster than last year. 
Stage 2 Mongolia Bike Challenge 2018 Nicolas Raybaud

My stage in details

  • Strava activity:
  • Heart rate TSS: 318
  • Distance: 121 km
  • Calories burned: 4041
  • Average heart rate: 147 bpm
  • Hydratation (bidon 750 ml) : 2 Roctanes + 2 Ta Energy, 
  • FeedStation :  Gommes Ghomps Gu, 1 Gu, 1 Natoo Bar, coca, des cacahouètes et des pringles 😉


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