The shortly after the stage queen of Mongolia Bike Challenge, much of energy was spent, but not enough to stop my intentions to advance the front one. The 3rd stage is a succession of rise, descents, of crossing of rivers which will not finish any. The outcome of the stage will be judged in No man Lands completely disconnected from any network, on our base camp in nature.

Ryan Standish and Elijus Civilis having taken the top on general classification, the access on the podium is still playable today. I decided to take up arms.

Attack in Mongolia Bike Challenge

I attack from the beginning. A written corruption day before with my companions of the yurt, Ryan Standish, Elijus Civilis and Alex Malone. A rise out of the arrow, Alex makes profitable his qualities of wheeler and will survive us before almost 80 km.

In our escape, the direction of race guides us in error, following the mischievousness of Mongolian which had moved a stick of guidance. We were however on the good trace. It is at this time that the group of hunting has us online test card.

Immediately, the organizer identified the error.

Mongolia Bike Challenge Nicolas Raybaud-24

© Claudine Waggoner

This contemplative third stage was as difficult as the day before. If the office plurality of rise is less, the rises are long and the tracks difficult to roll. Muds, rivers and road-metals under a stifling heat.

With the starter of the second GPM, I do not disarm and maintenance the pressure. We will rock the top the mountain after being ourselves disputed the GPM. We are still five in string for the podium. 

In this last turn, inclinations are numerous with the crossing of the rivers and muddy passages. It is quite as difficult as to climb. One goes blow for a blow.

Mongolia Bike Challenge Nicolas Raybaud-24

© Claudine Waggoner

In each dash, I do not give up and hold the last word to 10 km of the arrival where at one time of undulation I take the broad one. The line of honor approaches. I am with end. I only think of finishing.

Mongolia Bike Challenge Nicolas Raybaud-24

© Claudine Waggoner

I raise the arms on a stage where I had decided to gain! I crumble. The made painful back, the head which turns.

My prosecutors join me and congratulate me. What an honor coming from Ryan and Elijus which I appreciate  !

Following the error of guidance, the organizer decides to deduct 5 minutes from our official time with Alex and me. This benefit makes it possible to Alex to take the second place where as it crosses the line 5th.

After 115 km and 2200 meters to rise it is not the stage queen, but the stage Khan of Mongolia Bike Challenge. It was the most contemplative and varied stage. Two beautiful GPM, of the rivers where water arrives to the hips with the bicycle on the shoulder; innumerable crossings of marshes. A beginning, of course, contrasted in the greenery and plunged in a pine forest. It is Mongolia.

Tuul river

© Paolo Penni Martellin

We will splash in the river and will wash we in the showers of full. I will sleep with open air.

My stage in details

Strava activity:
Heart rate TSS: 289
Distance: 118 km
Calories burned: 3722
Average heart rate: 145 bpm
Hydratation (bidon 750 ml) : 1 Roctanes + 3 Ta Energy,
FeedStation :  Gommes Ghomps Gu, 2 Gu, 1 Natoo Bar, coca, des cacahouètes et des pringles !


Inside the stage with Kinomap