At the 4th day of Mongolia Bike Challenge, the faces are dug and the legs are hardened. Like last year, I preferred to sleep under stars instead of being under the tent. Rocked by the fresh wind and the sound of the river, I was with the heat in my sleeping bag and my clothing Armadillo Merino®.

Mongolia Bike Challenge Nicolas Raybaud-waaultra sleeping bag-seatosummit-10

With the sunrise, my eyes opened. As Marmots, I see the participants one by one leaving their tent.

Mongolia Bike Challenge Nicolas Raybaud petitdejeuner-oatmeal
We will seek our oatmeal for a breakfast with the free air.

Mongolia Bike Challenge Nicolas Raybaud-osymetric-specialized-epicpro

The stage of the day, I fear it. If I appreciate the pain to be on the slope, the cruelty of the flat profiles is not with my advantage on my ovoid development 32×11. I have the legs around the neck when speed accelerates.

Mongolia Bike Challenge Nicolas Raybaud-start
To the attack like the day before, Alex and me let us leave head the first on the track. The muddy sections, rivers and to finish horses will put an end to our short escape with the front one.


Mongolia Bike Challenge Nicolas Raybaud-specialized-peloton

The day will be long in the wheels.  If the first GPM sparks off an explosion, the continuation will be a fast excursion before packing finale like an arrival with the sprint on the lathe of France.

The relays turn, the horizon ravels and the runners jump one by one.

The blows low are allowed. The wind of back, then of face, I saw what was to be made border. It will not be my day. Antonio Ortiz who succeeded me general classification revealed all his cheating and his force by attacking me on a supply has suddenly gained the 3rd place with general classification.

The stage was rolled in less than 5 a.m. with an arrival to the sprint.

I don’t have any more an illusion. Ryan Standish is of an incredible quiet force. I never saw as many clearness and fairplay on a bicycle.

I’m satisfied with the 5th place and concedes my 3rd place with the general.Mongolia Bike Challenge Willy Mulonia Specialized Nicolas Raybaud

My stage in details

  • Strava activity:
  • Heart rate TSS: 229
  • Distance: 128 km
  • Calories burned: 3083
  • Average heart rate: 136 bpm
  • Hydratation (bidon 750 ml) :  3 Ta Energy, 
  • FeedStation :  Gommes Ghomps Gu, 1 Gu, 1 Natoo Bar, coca, des cacahouètes et des pringles 😉