We are with the fifth day of Mongolia Bike Challenge. Hardness of the ground and mosquitos of our basecamp Tuul To rivet, we benefitted from one night comfortable and repairing in our yurt of the Steppe Nomads. It is the hour to set the pendulums right. Itis the day of time trial.
The lawsuit of “which will be fastest? “does not lie. The Khans will battle to defend their position and to save time. While others aspiring to the travel to enjoy this stage for S ` to slacken there.
Cruality of marathon VTT

4 men for a podium. For this last stage, nothing is still played. If Ryan Standish seems control the race since the first day, Elijus Civilis and Antonio Ortiz and myself did not say our last word yet.

stage 5 mongolia bike challenge elijus civilis antonio ortiz

Elijus pousse son vélo. Antonio Ortiz et Ryan Standish sont en arrière plan

Nothing is written by advance. All can arrive on astage. It is necessary to have sufficient energy,mental of steel and a bit of chance.
stage 5 mongolia bike challenge alex malone

In this solitary effort of 37 km, we leave in the inverse order the ranking. The first will leave thelast.
stage 5 mongolia bike challenge steppes
The sun is with the good shape, with a ground made wet by the rain fell the night.  One by one the participants spring with a variation of minutes.
The hour of my departure approaches.  All goes forbest. I spring on the signal of the referee. As of the first rise, I already see myself returning on therunner which precedes me.
After 2 km, I remain with the stop. The roller pin of my shifting track broke.
Ryan Standish take a few seconds to stopproposing it’s assistance to me. I thank it and tellshim that I return on the departure.  Fortunately avehicle of the organization comes to my meeting and brings back for me to the camp
stage 5 mongolia bike challenge willy
Willy hastens to go up on a motorcycle to go to seek the mechanic in order to repair my bicycle. A shifting track, here is a part which I did not doubt to break.
In less than 10 minutes, Jose, is carried out to put a new shifting track so that I can finish what i began.
44 minutes were passed. I go back in time trial and would give my the best without focal point. Just me, my bicycle counter the track and with the elements.
The course is not easy any more. I cope with the winds, roll on wet and muddy grounds, must crosswater segments, and climb steep slopes.
To 10 km of the arrival, Willy comes to join me to encourage me at the wheel of sound 4×4 provided with health care. That gives again me a renewal of motivation.
stage 5 mongolia bike challenge nicolas raybaud
1:38, is time that my watch displays. 2:12, in fact the official time will be appointed to me. I have the spirit wounded by this bad luck. I concede only one general place with the ranking. There are a few minutes to recover which gives again me a motivation to reconquer the 4td position and nothing to regret for the last stage.

stage 5 mongolia bike challenge ryan standish full gaz

Ryan Standish

The hierarchy of general classification was respected. Ryan Standish simply dominated in1:21 the time trial showing that it was well most strong on this Mongolia Bike Challenge.

My stage details

  • Strava activity: https://www.strava.com/activities/177542135
  • Heart rate TSS: 76
  • Distance: 37km
  • Time: 1:38 (unofficial time)
  • Average speed: 22.6km/h
  • Calories burned: 1124
  • Average heart rate: 138bpm
  • Feed: 1 GU, 1 bottle of TA Energy


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