It’s the last stage of Mongolia Bike Challenge. The podium is drawn but we are a handle to dream avictory over most beautiful of the arrivals. Before the finishing line to the Mongolian park of the 13th century, 90 km are offered to us to decide between ourselves the arrival is an old kingdom with the atmosphere of life of the 13th century which enclosed this unforgettable experiment of Mongolia Bike Challenge.

I do not have anything any more to lose in Mongolia

Shortly after the time trial, we have one day resting with the wandering steppe. The last stage of Mongolia Bike Challenge is shortest of the week but proposes 3 climbs in nature always such a green.

Mongolia Bike Challenge

In this nature, even if we have the head in the handlebar, the environment is alleviating. 

Mongolia Bike Challenge Specialized Nicolas Raybaud

From the start, Antonio Ortiz sets fire to the powder. Only Ryan Standish and Elijus Civilis will manage to follow it. We will take again the trio after 20 km after multiple wet, muddy and sandy passage. 

Mongolia Bike Challenge
Before the first GPM, there is a little undulation. One can raise the head, blow, and be filled with wonderto roll beside the horses.

Mongolia Bike Challenge
Ryan shows his superiority followed by Elijus and Antonio.  The descent which follows is very fast. We are in indian file on the track. 

Stage 6 Mongolia Bike Challenge Nicolas Raybaud Specialized Crevaison

The law of the series ? After the break-in of the shifting track, the day before, these is a stone which will come to split the rim carbon of my wheel. Amended of a repair, I set out again in less than 10 minuteswith a tire tube. After 10 km, again the room is again bored. I’m carried out with a new repair. I do not have any more a cartridge of CO2, nor of room. Fortunately, Daniel Tegin (Swedish) comes me to the rescue. 

Mongolia Bike Challenge

I catch up with several participants and the assistances in their advanced. I take pleasure in finding Alessio. We share this theatrical arrival surrounded by two Mongolian riders.

Mongolia Bike Challenge

What to retain this last stage of Mongolia Bike Challenge?

Disappointment ? It was dissipated with the wire of the stage. Kilometers after kilometers, we cope with difficulties in a spirit of friendship.  Like last year, I finish Mongolia Bike Challenge reinforced by all his tests and even in love with this country. I keep in contact and dialogue several friendships. I preserve hundreds of images stored in my digital memory and of the memories in my conscience. I read again mywrite on my Moleskin, and shares them to you in my articles.


Here me is ready to set out again for the 10th birthday of Mongolia Bike Challenge ! I invite you to contactme if the adventure motivates you! contact (has)

My stage in details

  • Strava activity:
  • Heart rate TSS: 199
  • Distance: 86km
  • Average speed: 22 km/h
  • Calories burned: 2607
  • Average heart rate: 138bpm
  • FeedStation : 3 bidons Ta, 1 Natoo Cookies, 2 Gu, des cacahouètes et des pringles !


Full results Mongolia Bike Challenge ici.

On Kinomap. Stage 6 of Mongolia Bike Challenge