Grandondo Yunnan is the largest stage-by-stage bicycle in China. More than 25 regions of the world are represented. From the plain, from the mountains, between rice, pagoda and sky, I invite you to discover in video all the stages of Granfondo Yunnan 2018.

Mangshi’s prolog

In order to determine the order of departure in the airlocks and to inaugurate the 5 th edition of Granfondo Yunnan, a prolog drawn around the water holding of Mangshi was proposed. The final at the foot of the golden pagoda was acidic and magical with a sublime horizon on the city.


A kind of negative split. You’re starting fast, getting faster and faster. The stage is not very contemplative but has proved fun.

Rock ‘n Ruili

High, low, in a subtropical decor, this route is broken and unrespite.

Tengchong, the most beautiful mountain

Step Tian Tai Wall

From a stage that actually makes 185 km, the organizer decided to plant this road in a flandy style with strictly aligned cobblestones.

The short distance

I preferred to film the short distance because the weather of the long distance was maussade. During training in recognition, accompanied by my teammates, we went to recognize the first and brutal rise of the stage. You will see the in habitants sweeping the road for our passage. China’s popular engagement is fabulous on this bicycle.

Dali around Lake Erhai

This is the fastest step of the week with the lake tower that made Dali rename (not for its beer).

Lijiang, at the top.

Visit of the former village of Lijiang

A little sightseeing, come visit the old village of Lijiang rearranged like a shopping gallery where it makes good strolling, eating and buying souvenirs.

Ride in town

To recover, go up the biggest avenue of Lijiang facing the snowy summit of the Jade Dragon.

Keys and video equipment.

This is a total of 115 GB, 400 km, more than 8 hours of virtual bike training that I propose with the application Kinomap. To film stages longer than 2 hours, it is necessary:

  • to have memory capacity

I used microSD 64 Go and 128 Go of SanDisk brand. 4GB of memory represents 15 minutes of stabilized video in Full HD 1080p 60 frames per second.

  • to have a long battery life

The Cycliq Fly 12 CE is a bike camera defying all the cameras on the market. The autonomy is more than 5 hours. It was with this bike camera that I filmed the longest stages.
The autonomy of the camera is also 196 grams which is nevertheless negligible. In Mongolia as in China, these few grams did not stop me from being successful.

  • to have a precise GPS track

I used a bike computer from the Wahoo brand. It was with the Bolt that I navigated and recorded all the data of the stages. The element Bolt has the advantage of being Feather weight with less than 100 grams on the scale (support included), to have all the Bluetooth technologies, ANT + to connect the devices, an autonomy of more than 10 hours and especially a mapping of China not to get lost. This is not the Google topo that will help you in China.

  • to go fast;)

Even if the battery life is long, do not drag on the road!

Use of the KINOMAP application.

Kinomap is the first geolocated video platform. Its application allows to connect to all indoor sports equipment (home trainer, elliptical, …) and faithfully reproduce the characteristics of the course (see compatible equipment).
The video is moving at your own pace. You have the option of “Challenge” in relation to my course and other users of the application. A second option “Discovery” allows you to roll the video at your own pace.

Rest assured, on a step of more than one hour, you can pause the activity and restart the next day, where you stopped.

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Download and try the Kinomap app for Android or iOS.

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