The transfer from YingJiang to TengChong provided a rest day for cyclists from Granfondo Yunnan. This rest is beneficial to the sight of the frightening stage of TengChong. Feared, frightening, the 2018 edition had washed me away. For this year, mileage and elevation are on the rise with a sawtooth profile with little road horizontality. Here are my 6 reasons that make this day the most beautiful and complete stage of Granfondo Yunnan.

1 |TengChong for outdoor enthusiasts

Every day, the reference atltitude is increasing. TengChong reaches a peak of 1664 metres. Its subtropical climate in the Himalayan highlands offers mild and sunny conditions. In the surroundings, cycling allows you to escape to beautiful excursions in the Gaoligong Mountains. They peak at 4000m, and at 3000m near Tengchong. This mountain range is classified as a UNESCO heritage site and is truly remarkable.

2 | Cultural and Natural

Tengchong is a tormented story from the Second World War and a referee under its virgin jungle of leopards and red pandas.

It is the chance to discover, intact, the original China. 

Active volcanoes covered by lush forest surround the city. Countless hot springs, powered by volcanic energy, were once used by the inhabitants as natural baths.

3| A journey through the history of Yunnan

Everyone knows the great silk road that connects Europe and China.  But the more confidential Southern Silk Road, also known as the Tea and Horse Trail, is just as remarkable. It has long linked the Arab world, India, Tibet and southern China, transporting tea, money, precious stones and war horses. On some sections of the course, we evolve on its paved paths. 

pavés de l'étape de tengchong granfondo yunnan

4 | Under the clamour of the audience

All the participants of Granfondo Yunnan will tell you. The enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the people of Yunnan is amazing. 

Jiàyoù ! Jiàyoù ! Jiàyoù !

Come on, come on, come on, come on! Children, adults, the moments of encouragement the roadside is countless.

This stage is a pilgrimage of the granfondo Yunnan. 

5 | The 3rd day of the race

The first 3 steps allowed us to sharpen our skills. With a good recovery, the body and mind are in peak form and more so with the rest of the day before. 

6 | A technical profile

From different surfaces, from tar, to silted concrete slabs, to paved paths, you have to be well positioned. 3300 meters of altitude difference, steep slopes and winding curves, require excellent driving skills and strength. 

200 km, need endurance.

mur de tian tai

My best memory of the year 

If you like to marvel, climb, bend your bike in curves, use your strength on the pedals and sprint then you will enjoy yourself. 

It is the most complete race I have done this season. 

seflie de nicolas raybaud pendant l'étape
I have mastered this step from A to Z with clarity. I even allowed myself a video clip with our group
nicolas raybaud meneur sur le grandonfo yunnan
In the tempo in the climbs, in front of me in the descents, I allowed myself and tolerated efforts that made the difference. The ascent of the Qiaotou to km 100 is decisive. Halfway through, this ascent does some damage. Here, we stand out at 4. This exercise at the threshold has made some deviations. Below is the kinomap video. 

At km 135, I fired yet another cartridge. I’m a good shot!

Our group exploded, allowing us to meet a dozen resistance fighters to enter the top 10. 

nicolas raybaud à l'attaque sur le granfondo yunnan
The last 30 kilometers seem like an eternity. I wonder when the spinning will end. A last descent takes us back to the avenue where the finish is judged. 

Immerse yourself in the final on Kinomap

I’m a poor sprinter. I’m off the hook on the first assault. I finish before last in the group in 21 place.

sprint de nicolas raybaud

HAPPY, but not the only one like my friend Anmieck. 

nicolas raybaud et annemieck sur le granfondo yunnan

My supplies

  • 3 small bananas
  • 2 snickers
  • 1 clibar
  • 2 Gu gels and 1 Roctane gel
  • 1 can of Tumata
  • 1 canister with 2 Ta tablets
  • 3 bottles of water

My race data 

  • Average speed: 32.5 km/h
  • Calors 5065
  • TSS: 506
  • Average HR: 151
  • NP power: 257

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