In front of the Dali Olympic Sports Centre, Granfondo Yunnan starts. Seemingly easy, the profile of the stage is shaped like an ear around the 250 km2 of Lake Erhai. A story of a crazy morning at an altitude of more than 2000 metres. 

Dali Olympics International Sports Center

Dali, the pearl of Yunnan

The city of Dali is located at the foot of the Cangshan Mountains, reaching a height of more than 4,000 m. It is one of the favorite destinations of tourists. It offers many cultural attractions, leisure activities by bike, on foot and on the crystal blue water of Erhai Lake. On the eve of the stage, I took my Tarmac to discover some.

The fastest in Granfondo Yunnan

The penultimate stage is for flat runners. Granfondo Yunnan is not just for climbers. This is one of the highlights of the event. Since 2017, when I took part in this stage cycling event, the organiser has been cultivating the principle of cycling for all in its own right and in a figurative way.

Roller, climber, puncher, sprinter everyone finds his pleasure. 

I put on my Air Tahiti Nui outfit from the Tahitian Round and take advantage of the opportunity to interview smiling participants.

A sunny blue sky warms the cold atmosphere of the start. We will quickly get up to temperature with the first difficulty, the Haidung coast. It is the novelty of the step that created a natural selection. Well placed, I hold the intensity for too long beyond my abilities. Add the effect of altitude, I started to run out of oxygen

I resolve to reduce the intensity. We are a good group of riders. After a tight pinned descent, we return to the idyllic shore of the lake. 

rive du lac erhai à dali

It is a real race to the top of the race that we are launching. 

peleton nicolas raybaud sur le granfodo yunnan

The objective is reached 30 km from a sprint finish. In front, it was 6 for the victory. My team-mate Elijus Civilis is missing the first place for a few millimetres. 

 I finished the 115 km of the stage in 2h55 in 20th place.  


nicolas raybaud

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