Nolio is web and mobile software for planning, training monitoring and performance analysis. The Nolio project responds to a concrete need between the trainer and the trainee. It fits perfectly into a principle of continuous improvement in sports performance. Since the beginning of the year, I have quit my Training Peaks subscription and migrated all my data to Nolio. Through this article, I will tell you how Nolio works. In a second part, I will publish regular updates of the article according to the novelties of Nolio.

Nolio, facilitates training monitoring.

In the introduction, I mentioned the principle of continuous improvement. This principle called PDCA, or Deming cycle, is broken down into 4 words: Plan, Carry out, Check (Analyze) and Follow (Mark performance, interact). Whether in sport, or at work, we cannot achieve goals alone. Most tracking and analysis software do not follow the principle of improvement and stop at analysis. They are often paid or do not allow direct and targeted interaction with his trainer.

Nolio, provides simple and effective solutions where the trainer has tools facilitating rapid and interactive management with his group of athletes.

Plan your training

The view of Nolio is distinguished by its two calendars: The planned and the realized. Scheduled is the plan your coach provides you and the competitions you have scheduled. On your calendar (the completed) you have the possibility to submit any notes or competitions that you want to do.

The calendar page is a real Dashboard where the coach and the coach have all the indicators necessary for the conduct of the sports project.

calendar traing plan nolio


Carry out your training

Carry out the schedule planned by your coach. At the end of the activity, you have a very detailed analysis of your training. You can add your perception, modify data, create effort segments and add an enriched comment to your training. This last dialog box is like the comment you can leave on a social network post. It opens the dialogue with your trainer.

mise à jour d'un entrainement avec nolio


Analysis and Statistics

Did you reach the goal of your training? Nolio offers a precise analysis of your sessions in the form of a nested graph or not. You have the cumulative intensity times, and a multitude of data for your trainer. The comment you are going to leave is of real value. This is a strong point of Nolio, the interactivity between the trainer and the trainee. This is what Training Peaks lacks. No more emailing, WhatsApp and, as a last resort, the phone. Nolio is an effective collaborative tool.


analyse entrainement nolio

Under the Statistics page, you will have a balance sheet view by period and the monitoring of your training load according to the Foster method (from the perception entered) or Coggan (from your power data) or TRIMPS according to two methods of calculations: Banister & Morton (HR Rest & HR Max & average HR of the session) or Edwards / Stagno (load coefficient on each training zone & time spent in each zone).

Track your progress

The training is paying off. Here we will click on the Tracking page where you will log all of your performance.

parametre suivi nolio

  • Health: Weight monitoring, Sleep Fat content.
  • Cardiac: Cardiac monitoring at rest, max and HRV with Haptools integration.
  • Physical and physiological performance: VMA, FTP, PMA, Critical Power, Lactic Threshold, VO2Max, FTP Running, …
  • Record Power Profile (PPR). If you own a power meter, you can analyze your record power profile. With each new session, the power profile is updated. The estimate of the FTP (Functional Threshold Power) with your absolute best effort over 20min * 0.95 is also updated. (read the dossier)
  • Form and Training load: Follow your physical condition, fatigue, form, according to several models (Coggan, Trimp, Foster)

Track your goals and equipment

Nolio allows you to track the wear of all your sports equipment.

  1. Go to the Plus Menu and click on Equipment.
  2. Two categories of equipment are available by default: Bike and Shoe. You can add other sport specific category.
  3. Press the More equipment button, a window opens and invites you to enter your equipment.
    1. Name and date your equipment purchase. You can also add a photo.
    2. Link your equipment to one or more sports where you use that equipment.
    3. You can force its current wear and set a usage alarm. A notification is sent when you have reached your limit.

You have the results history of all your competitions in the same menu More_Results. The competitions of the completed and planned calendar are listed there with all the information provided. From this page, you can add or modify an event.

My opinion on Nolio.

  • No more emails and excel spreadsheets. Nolio is a quick and easy-to-use collaborative tool. It is used from the web, a chrome extension, mobile application and Facebook Messenger.
  • Accessible and free! Use is free for the athlete.
  • It’s productive!
  • For the trainer, Nolio is paid at the rate of 25 € / month for a group of 20 athletes. But considering the benefit time, the cost is largely amortized and also for the service rendered to the athlete.
  • For “Premium athlete” allows you to manage your planning for an athlete without a trainer, by accessing all the tools in place The price is € 6 / month, or € 5 / month if you take over 12 months. Try this new version for 14 days for free & without obligation.
  • It’s multisport!
  • It’s easy ! The presentation of Nolio is intuitive and the expression of the results of the sessions is clear.
  • It’s private ! Nolio is not a social network and does not have this vocation. Only your trainer has access to your data, unlike training peaks which emphasizes the use of athletes rather than the role of the trainer.
  • It is a feeling of belonging to a collective of trained with Nolio. Indeed, the platform develops at the rate of the needs submitted by the users
  • It’s a French application! Nolio is available in English.
  • Compatible with Suunto, Garmin Connect, Strava, Polar, Coros and Decathlon.
  • Complementary to Training Peaks! Nolio is young and does not yet have the maturity of TP. The TP analysis is on a different scale and has advantages like synchronized training programming at Wahoo, or Peaks Performance.

Nolio simplifies the relationship between coaches and athletes. It values ​​the trainer unlike TrainingPeaks which charges users to access analysis functions. For the coach, he has a single platform to manage his athletes. Everything is centralized to facilitate management, save time and provide training documents. The application works with all sports to converge on a tool that best meets the needs expressed in terms of monitoring, analysis and planning of training.

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