Structured Workouts is THE new feature expected by Nolio’s community of coaches and athletes. No more juggling between Training Peaks and Nolio’s workout builder. From now on, Nolio subscribers can build structured workouts and synchronize them to their watches or counters.

What is structured training and what is its interest ?

The body of a structured workout is made up of repetitions at target intensities and recovery times that will vary over time or distance in a previously structured way.
workout builder w' balance

The opposite of structured training is continuous training.

The goal is to improve physical and physiological quality: strength, speed, velocity, vo2, pma, …

Only exercises which strongly demand energy reserves and which lead to acute fatigue allow an improvement of the initial potential by “overcompensation” phenomena Matveiv

Conversely, with continuous training, you maintain an intensity without resting time. This is for example, when you go up a pass, or hold a tempo without variation in intensity.

The advantage of structured training is that it allows you to build up more time at a high intensity and draw more on your energy reserves.

What is workout builder with Nolio ?

Nolio allows you to design, simulate and plan structured workouts in the form of a session model or directly on a scheduled day. Nolio brings together a new tool to build a library of workout templates for all sports, and sync them with compatible devices. [/ mks_highlight]

The Workout Builder from Training Peaks, or the designer from Garmin Connect still have their places. I am thinking in particular of swimming with Garmin. A platform like Garmin has specific developments for their devices.

Building a structured workout between Nolio and Training Peaks is different but the goal is the same. Nolio stands out with the 100% customizable design of the reference values.

  Nolio Training Peaks
Use with Work Zone Heart Rate



Heart Rate



Perception (RPE)

Use with reference values 100% customizable : FTP, PMA, CSS, VMA, … FTP
Quantification  Coggan (TSS)

W’ Balance


TSS (Coggan)
Editor mobile yes, likely on tablet No
Editor web Yes Yes
Compatibility Garmin, Zwift, TrainerRoadRouvy Garmin, Wahoo, TrainerRoadRouvy, RGT, Stage Dash, Bryton 
Export .fit 


.erg ou .mrc 



.erg ou .mrc 

Presentation of Workout Builder

The visual generated on Nolio is attractive. You can view in real time the energy reserve consumed and the times or distances of the intensities / recovery blocks.

ecran mobile android nolio

Nolio makes it possible to simulate the energy reserve curve. You know, those famous cartridges that don’t burn out too quickly.

Nolio makes it possible to develop a simulatory situation with the energy reserve W ’as a benchmark indicator.

On your planned session, you have two interesting indicators:

The Coggan training load. This is the same formula as the Training Peaks Training Stress Factor (TSS®). This is the total training load for the session.
The W curve ’. Which is Nolio’s strong point. (Learn more about the W ’)

At a weekly stitch, the Coggan load will allow you to manage your physical condition, fatigue and achieve optimal shape on D-Day! It’s in the best interests of good planning and a great coach;)

ecran mobile nolio trimp coggan

For a specific session, you can best adjust the target intensity and the number of repetitions with the simulation of the W ’. Coaches have a lot of fun!

The W ’is a clue that will confirm if the training goal has been achieved. You can see when it got stuck or if you went too hard. It’s also a clue of your fitness level. [/ mks_highlight]

Who can use the Workout Builder ?

The trainer or “premium athlete” can organize and prioritize blocks of specific intensities that are based on pre-established reference values. It is possible to create structured sessions as a template or directly in the provisional calendar.

People who have a free account cannot design structured workouts. The coach has already done the work. Thank you ;)

Of course, the athlete must have a compatible computer or watch. If you have a heart rate belt, it is better and the basis of any progress. Finally, if you have a bike power meter or Stryd sensor this is just a plus for reaping the benefits of structured workouts and having more precise monitoring of the training load.

The athlete only has to synchronize the training with his watch or computer. Here we go !

How to use a Workout Builder with Nolio?

For editing the structured session, Nolio allows you to use all your work areas (Heart Rate, Power, Pace) and your reference values ​​(PMA, FTP, VMA, etc.).

Keeping your performance data up to date is imperative. It is not possible to use the perception of effort.

Structured training automatically calculates the target or range to work on according to the defined value or percentage.

Create a session

  1. To create a pattern or structured workout, support a date from the calendar.
  2. A window opens. Fill in the different fields and details of the session.
  3. Press the Activate structured session button

activer la seance structuree nolio

Editing a session

There are two options for editing the session:

  • Type in text form respecting the Nolio code. Nolio will offer you the block to edit.
  • Or you can manually add the work zones (Heart, Power or Pace)

nolio entrainement structuré

  1. The exercise block appears.
    1. Press the blue double arrow to choose the work according to a duration or a distance; intensity or range.
  2. Depending on the step you can activate the lap button. It allows you to manually go to a next step. It is symbolized by a double arrow on the summary of the exercise.
  3. Qualifying the type of effort:
    1. Warming up,
    2. Goal
    3. Rest,
    4. Ascending ramp,
    5. Downward ramp

nolio entrainement structuré repetition

  1. To create repetition.
    1. Press the repeat button. The number of repetitions can be adjusted. The opening tag is symbolized by two hyphens — followed by the number of repetitions. The closing tag of a repeat is the same as the opening –.
    2. Between the tags you can insert an infinite number of exercise lines.
  2. An entire block can be duplicated or copy
    1. Duplicate. The block is duplicated automatically after
    2. Copy/Paste. You can manually insert a block at another point in the workout by pressing Ctrl + V to paste the step.

And so on.
When you are finished, Nolio generates a graph representing the exercise structure and the simulation curve of the energy reserve W ’.

How to compose a structured session?

After the technical aspect, it’s time for the methodology. As you can read, structured training is repetition training with predefined variables.

Design does not happen “by chance”. The risk is that your session will be easy, too difficult, or irrelevant to improve a skill.

Thanks to Nolio and the simulation of the energy reserve, you will be able to predict the difficulty of the session. What does not know the W ’(read my article)

Then using this graph you will be able to compose your structured workouts and thus determine:

  • The duration or distance of the repetitions.
  • The number of repetitions.
  • The number of sets
  • The duration or distance of recovery between repetitions
  • The duration or distance of recovery between sets

It was based on the running training model developed by JG Purdy and taken up by Guy Thibaut. I invite you to read his article on this subject.


Synchronization with compatible devices

Here is a summary of the compatibility with connected devices.

  Synchronisation automatique Export manuel Cible/Intervalle Cadence Lap Bouton
Garmin Yes No Both No Yes
Zwift No .zwo Target Yes No
TrainerRoad No .erg .mrc Target No No
Rouvy No .erg .mrc Both No No
en projet
en projet
en projet
en projet


Syncing to Garmin Connect is almost instantaneous. Structured workouts are compatible with cycling, running, and rowing (these are the ones I tested). Pool swimming cannot synchronize with Garmin. It is necessary to go through Garmin Connect to design swimming sessions.


The automatic synchronization of structured sessions to Suunto is not yet available At the latest news it will be possible to do this by the end of 2021


The automatic synchronization of structured sessions to Wahoo is not yet available. You still have to go through training peaks send workouts structured workouts to your Elemnt.

According to the latest news, it will be possible to do so by this fall. Nolio is waiting for the Wahoo API to enable this.

.Erg .mrc file

These files are supported by several training applications, for example: TrainerRoad, Rouvy.


The automatic synchronization of structured sessions to Zwift is not yet available You must download your session in .zwo format and add it to your Zwift folder.

To conclude

Nolio has a solid foundation for planning, analyzing and monitoring training. Structured training provides Nolio users with a web and mobile solution for all sports.

I like structured training because it differs from Training Peaks in the way you edit sessions. And especially for its energy reserve simulation model which allows you to understand and analyze your effort.

It feels like there are real developers looking for efficiency. The design of structured workouts is suitable for all sports, but the timing is not compatible with all computers.

The training structured by Nolio allows an individualized and visual approach to the sessions.

The design of structured sessions can be further optimized, including:

  • The specific use for sports like swimming. It is possible to have a critical swimming speed reference, but it is not (yet) possible to define a swimming type in a training step.
  • This does not allow its synchronization with Gamin Connect.
  • Adding a descriptive note to the intensity steps.
  • Mobile design is not mobile responsive. It is better to use your browser or a tablet.
  • Compatibility with all counters and watches.

Regardless, development is time consuming work and it is sometimes difficult to grant universal accounting to all counters and expectations.

Nolio updates to structured workouts.


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