A team helps us to move forward and think about suitable solutions to achieve its objectives. We have in common the passion to innovate and to be unique. Mutual trust, passion and a long-term vision are the keys to success.


I Am Specialized

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Specialized has been supporting me since 2012 in my sports activities in France and internationally. I am an official brand ambassador and work closely with the Specialized offices. I choose the best equipment for my different road cycling practices, including mountain biking or triathlon. It is also an effective collaboration with Laurent Marcon of the Elite Shop Specialized in Saint-Etienne.

Super Vegan Fitness by ISWARI

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Iswari is a brand of superfoods and sports products that I have been consuming since 2016. I eat a diet that is vegetarian on a daily basis, but I am flexible and consciously eat and savor wonderful products without guilt. Take advantage of 10% discount and free shipping with Iswari!

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Arena Water Instinct

Arena is a world famous swimming brand. Like Specialized, it is a source of pride and gratitude to have Arena’s confidence in my practice of Triathlon. Arena equips me with swimsuits, training equipment and its SAMS neoprene suit for swimming in open water.

Newton Running

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Newton set out to create a different running shoe. Not for the pleasure of being different, but to improve every step. POP technology created a very responsive stride. The architecture in the form of 5 cushions offers total foot protection. The level platform aligns with the human body and puts you in a position to run as naturally as possible.

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With 30 years of Scandinavian know-how serving the eyes, Bliz glasses have been specially designed for the practice of outdoor sports such as cross-country skiing, cycling or running. The Bliz brand makes a point of honor to offer functional and comfortable glasses, distinguished by their excellent quality / price ratio!

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Craft SportsWear

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Craft is a Swedish sports brand. specialists in high-performance fabrics and clothing. Craft has been equipping me for running and cross-country skiing since 2020.

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Logo kinomap video geolocalisee

Geolocated video! Record your videos and GPS position while recording. Discover and share new routes with the kinomap community and with the Kinomap Trainer app. Since 2015, I have been working with the innovative company based in Douai .

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logo-new-gu-energy-labs-franceGu Energy Exists for over 20 years and No. 1 in the USA. Modern design, practical packaging, easy opening, ideal capacity, a very digestible texture and clearly above average tastes, here are gels and drinks that you will soon be able to do without. Since 2012, Gu has become more than just a nutritional partner, it’s a relationship of trust.

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TA Energy

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Ta Energy reflects values ​​specific to the idea of ​​the adventure of designing natural, simple, good and efficient products. . In addition to GU Energy gels, Ta Energy provides me with optimal hydration through these effervescent pastilles, its Tumata endurance drink and its energy bars. When you go 200km by bike or for a day of ski touring, it takes you to the end of the adventure.

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Holiste Laboratoire


Hoslite has developed an oxygenation device, the Bol air®. The Bol d´air® oxygenation method allows us to breathe more efficiently, using a “super oxygen transporter” that facilitates the absorption of oxygen by our body. It significantly improves his daily well-being and for the athlete, it improves recovery and endurance performance. My testimonial.

More : www.holiste.com


Utilisez le code NICOSYMETRIC pour obtenir 10% de remise sur des plateaux oxymetric

Osymetric is a brand of bicycle accessories. The French brand has created ovoid trays with a unique curve. These plates make it possible to eliminate the neutral point of pedaling and improve the mechanical and physiological efficiency of pedaling. It was during the biggest mountain bike competition at the Roc d’Azur that I was convinced by the effectiveness of osymetric.

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skitrab-logoTrab is an Italian brand created in 1946 in Bormio, Italy. It is a spirit, a tradition, a family passion for the design and manufacture dedicated to ski touring. Distributed by the Nic-Impex company in Annecy, I have a professional relationship with the Italian brand.

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I am the first French ambassador of the Strava application in France. Strava is a social network for athletes. Designed by athletes, for athletes, the Strava mobile apps and website welcome millions of runners and cyclists every day and unleash your potential with Strava’s training and analytics features, including tracking your progress and by comparing yourself to millions of sportsmen.

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