This sporting trip to the Mongolia Bike Challenge was an opportunity to discover a country of rare authenticity. Lunar mountains, steppes and tumultuous rivers are shaped by a harsh climate. The population is the image of the country: a robust people and faces halfway between Europe and Asia.

Mongolia has always preserved Nature. I offer you a captivating series of faces in Mongolia showing the relationship between men, animals and nature. Thank you for the contribution and friendly permission of Christian & Johan Carl Brandt.

About We Can All Contribute

The initiative of Christian & Johan Carl Brandt is called We Can All Contribute (WCAC). It began as a late-night conversation between two brothers. Christian and Carl-Johan Brandt, the neurosurgeon and economist, both had a strong desire to act for those less fortunate than themselves.

They also wanted to do something together. They are passionate about photography and portraying people with a history. It’s not an easy challenge when you have a full-time job, a young family and 1,500 km away … But passion and determination go a long way.

After many trips and meetings the brothers took out two magnificent and inspiring photo books where all the profits were given to Médecin Sans Frontières. With the WCAC initiative, the brothers proved that we can all act by doing something with a passion.

With the friendly permission of Christian & Johan Carl Brandt.

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