Touch with all, at ease as well with bicycle, in ski of mountaineering or in my shoes of Trail, I reconcile with balance my professions and of the multi-field trainings.

I intensely practiced the rowing during 10 years with the club, surfing among the best world ones of the Rhône-Alpes region. I finish by me wearing requirement of this sport and come by facility with the bicycle. A meeting, while bringing another, I quickly progressed while sharing experiments.

It is in 2011, at the time of the first Haute Route the Alps, I made knowledge with Peter Pouly. I have it join two years of continuation in Thailand and it involved me during 2 seasons. These 2 years were keys of the success and I have much respect and recognition for Peter. I then continued on his lesson.

Today, I am present on the greatest French and international cyclosportives tests under the colors of Specialized™ and fact part of the circle of the “Hereos of Haute Route™”, while having finished and having taken part in all Haute Route™ since his creation.

My skills in work of managing and auto-entrepreneur in digital communication enabled me to invest and collaborate with innovating and dynamic brands. Surrounded by a team of confidence and friendly, it justifies me to find a real dynamism, to develop new experiments and to progress towards free objectives.

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