That made 1 month that Wiggle has to me providesthis long waterleg at the same time as the jacket Hi Viz (to read the test). I now have sufficient retreat to speak about it. This morning the temperature was negative and the wind blown extremely. The conditions were ideal to test DHB Vaeon Reflex Bib tight .  The winter is well installed !

Wiggle into known as :

Roubaix (fleeced) Lycra padded bib tight with enhanced visibility 3M detailing for cold dark commutes. Brand new for dhb 2012.

  • Anatomical form Fit
  • Lombardia 235g Roubaix Lycra fabric
  • Breathable and Warm
  • CyTech Elastic Interface Race chamois (man)
  • Slim line foot loops
  • Oversized 3M reflective prints on thigh and calf

The test:

Entraînement avec le cuissard long DHB

Like one second skin

It is one second skin. To be with comfort andthe heat: the objectives are is filled. The anatomical cut is checked. No seam is felt,and the execution of the movement of cycling  done in greatest ease. During the hours of training, under temperatures close to the zero, Idid not feel any feeling of cold. A feeling whichreflects the good breathing of fabric.

Sat in an armchair.

The winter, the endurance should be worked. As much to be comfortably installed on it’s bicycle. One should not neglect this fact and bearing surfaces (hands, feet and on the saddle):

  • to have a good position on itsbicycle (I you council a postural study in aspecialist)
  • to have a good bottom of bib (or chamois leather).

Sticking DHB uses a technical and elastic chamois leather conceived by Elastic Interface®Technolohy ( I was surprised to see many mark which uses these skins like Campagnolo, Assos, Rapha, ZeroRH+… (see the list). I was in a hurry to test it. And my joy was not wasted. It’s sincerely comfortable and I did not have any pain during my exits.

Visibility and design

Sticking carries reflective printed papers form. Ideal to be visible when the night fall. The printed papers form give an additional style to this sticking.


Sticking is of an excellent ratio quality/price and very esthetic. Comfortable and technical, it’s a product which is dissociated by report well recognized marks.
Price: 78.39 €