View from inside the Haute Route Pyrenees will be as difficult as the Alps, both for organizers OC SPORT. OC SPORT requires a rigorous specifications to meet a quality event for participants who come from all over the world. A logistical challenge, of course, passage authorization, security, accessibility … Nothing is left to chance, to offer 7 days unforgettable.


The departure city.

There are countless passages of the Tour de France in the spa town and sports Bagneres-de-Luchon. This is one of the choke points Haute Route. After 3 days of racing, this is a big cake that you will enjoy. Take the time to enjoy each hand, because the acid digestion may be, if you are too hungry.

Col de Peyresourde.

Col de Peyresourde
First launch pad of 14.5 km. You will not have time to warm up. Percentages prove on slopes. Stay calm, step is long and there is no need to get into the red. For fresher, you can try a breakaway, nothing ventured, nothing, but it will not be alone from this crazy adventure.

Col d’Azet

Sur la route des cols
This is one of the treats of step with 7.5 kilometers of ascent. The views are magnificent, but the problem remains present. Do not be fooled. All collars are hard on the Haute Route and especially with fatigue.

Col d’Aspin

Sur la route des cols Pyrénées
Col d’Aspin connects with its 12 km Campan valley and the valley of Aure. After a neck second category Col d’Aspin is a first class pass. Keep underfoot, and stay in a group, because once past the top, a long valley awaits you to join Saint-Marie-de-Campan, starting point of the legendary Tourmalet.

Col du Tourmalet

Sur la route des cols Pyrénées
It is the legend of the Tour. The Tourmalet means “bad trip”, but you are on the right high road. Do not be scared by distance. If you are in a good group, and help you once the percentages will rise, stay focused in your endeavor and mount crescendo. These are the last 9 km more difficult with a percentage that drops below 8%.

Arrival city. Argeles-Gazost.

Get to the top, take a prudent down and try to find people with whom ride because the valley to reach the village of arrival will be long and the wind often blows from the front.