Before a race, and in less shots, I take an energizing caffeine based.

In more scientific terms, the effect of caffeine is proven and its broad effects: increased arousal, improves mood, reduces fatigue, promotes lipolysis and thus the use of fat in the muscle ( it is a hypothesis that force to move a reality, but I never really read scientific work that validates the idea), promotes the release of sugar in the blood, stimulates the cardiovascular system.

It’s great for the sport! I take my GU ENERGY

GU has a qualitative approach gels and contains a dose or double dose of caffeine in the GU Gel or Roctane.

This “energy jam” Wake me and gives me allows me to give a boost my performance.

Stimulation of taste buds feeling of energy, increased concentration, …

GU ENERGY is specifically Expresso Love, I love it!


In the GU Energy range (for a pack of 32g)

  • Expresso Love and Jet Blackberry, 40 mg of caffeine. 2 x Caffeine
  • With the exception of taste Lemon Sublime, Mandarin Orange, Mint Chocolate, Strawberry Banana, and Peanut Butter, full range GU ENERGY contains 20 mg of caffeine.

In GU Roctane for a pack of 32g) gel, all perfumes contain 35 mg of caffeine.

To mark an Instant Coffee: 60 to 90 mg per 180 ml

The doses of caffeine per day not to exceed

  • For women: less than 200 mg
  • For men: less than 250 mg

GU ENERGY is measured in proportions to suit our needs, and avoid any side effects. More GU ENERGY is gluten free.

Above all, enjoy it before your competition. The quality of training and attitude every day is essential for a successful competition.

Would you like a cup of coffee for the road?

At the end of the Challenge Vercors and 160 km, GU ENERGY was enough!


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