Taiwan KOM Challenge is a test “out-standard”, a single experiment to rise in once sea level with 3275 meter altitudes. In 2012, Jérémy Roy (FdJ) and Anthony Charteau (Team Europcar) had the fact displacement. This 4th edition gathered the Spanish Omar Fraile (shirt of better climbing in Vuelta), Danish John Ebsen of the team Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec (double winner of the KOM), the French of Team Anchor Bridgestone, Damien Monier (victorious of the 17th stage of Giro 2010), Thomas Lebas (Victorious of the Turn of Hokado), a delegation of Kenyan runners, and more still…


  • 412, it is the number of participants
  • 368 men and 44 women
  • 32 nationalities
  • 6 categories

The elite category which evolves on the professional circuit and the categories “not-professional” divided into 5 age groups: M16 (16 years), M20 (20 to 29 years) M30, M40, M50. 310 people will cross the line of the KOM Challenge.

Welcome party in Park View Hotel

October 29th. The reception is worthy of challenge. The reception takes place in Park View Hotel. A large de luxe hotel 5 stars of Hualien. After a first indigenous show of dance, the representatives of the partners of the KOM take the floor. A point of honor which brings value and a recognition to the event. A copious dresser is useful to us.


October 30th, 5: 30 the sun rises peacefully. We sign the protocolar wall and give our luggage which we will find at the top of Wuling.


I find my friend Nuno and make knowledge with Omar Fraile and Valenti Sanjuan. After an opening ceremony involving with blow of drum animated by the indigenous tribe of Taroko, we take seat at 6:30 on the starting line.


25 km of roads neutralized take us along towards this long and perilous race to enter on the superb throats of Taroko. A road which overhangs a torrent full with promptness, dominated by high cliffs several hundreds of meters.

First escaped with 4 runners whose Brett Lindstrom and Wei Kai Chiang take shape at the entrance of throats of Taroko. We remain to 1 ‘ 30 ‘ ‘runaways.


On an exceptional road, crossing series of tunnels, to the succession of long laces, we roll at regular intervals and take again the runaways with mid–chases. The runners of teams roll extremely to skim the group. With measurement of the rise, the air is done fresher, I am better and better.

The km 85, I benefit from the descent to replace me at the top of race. With my surprise, we are nothing any more but one ten at the end of the descent.

We are 13 runners to 15 km of the finish with Ebsen, Lebas, Monet, Dowling, Alex, and of the Kenyan ones. The slope is raised and the French Damien Monier places an attack. We are with loan of 2500 meter altitudes.

With the bottom of the descent

With the bottom of the descent

I do not manage to follow the group of head. In all confidence, I remain alone 2 kilometers before me to make begin again. I maintenances the pace and go back gradually to the ranking on the slopes more testing. We rise up to 3275 meter altitudes. I cross the top of the Hehuan mount in the 18th place after 105 Kilometers in 3:45 ‘ 31. It is the summit of the Cap of Taiwan, the highest road of the island.



At 33 years, it is the French Damien Monier who gains Taiwan KOM Challenge 2015 and precedes as a recluse the double winner of the test the Dane John Ebsen and the Irishman Mark Dowling.

John Ebsen and Damien Monier

John Ebsen and Damien Monier

The 6 first of the KOM (Men and women) will be rewarded less than one hour after the arrival.

  1. Damien Frederic Monier (FRA) 3:34: 19
  2. John Ebsen (Den) 3:34: 53
  3. Mark Dowling (Anger) 3:35: 56
  4. Ariya Phounsavath (Tha) 3:36: 05
  5. Thomas Lebas (FRA) 3:36: 29
  6. Stuart Anthony (Aus) 3:37: 47



  • The 6 first of the KOM, Women and Taiwainais receive a reward and a bonus.
  • The shirt of the combattif cyclist is decreed
  • The 6 first of each category are rewarded.
  • The leaders gain a distinctive shirt.

A simple regulation which develops all the performances with its right value.

Return at the beginning with Hualien

After a small noddle-party, we are brought back by minibus to Hualien. The descent is quite as impressive. It is at this time that one can really judge difficulty of the course and benefit from this spectacular place. In the bus which kills us in Hualien, that makes it possible to make fuller knowledge with Damien and Thomas.


No doubt, being finisher of Triple High Road was a great satisfaction. The KOM Taiwan made me live a feeling single and growing as I approached the arrival. An intense conditioning before the delivery of the effort. I found a test which me gave again inspiration and motivation for the next season.

I position in the 18th place, leader of the category of age 20-29 years, 3rd French and first not-professional of the test. See the race on STRAVA