After the prologue as a way of unblocking, the Granfondo Yunnan squad stops in the town of Ruili. For this second day 105 km are proposed.  Two rolling climbs with a final in front of the border of Burma will animate the morning. Here is the story of the stage from MangShi to Ruili.

porte frontière de Ruili

La porte Frontière de Ruili


The stage is launched from MangShi City Square. The routes are exclusively reserved for the event. We have both full roads to express ourselves. It is an appreciable and appreciated luxury when you are a cyclist. 

Route fermée sur le granfondo yunnan
As I described in the introduction, the profile of the step is not difficult. Nevertheless, we are under tension from kilometre zero at the finish. You have to stay placed and vigilant. The climbs are fast and strong, and the elastic can break at any time, we prepare our bodies for this moment with sonus complete for stay strong.

Enter the race with Kinomap.

encouragement sur le bord de la route granfond yunnan
Not long ago, when contemplating tropical landscapes. But the crowd is numerous to cheer us “Jaiyoù, Jaiyoù, Jaijoù !” 

On this stage, I will not attack!

Last year, I felt easy (read the article). Generous as I am, I had embarked on an escape that turned into a big splinter at the decisive moment. This is the second climb of the stage. I make you relive the ascent and its descent before the arrival on Ruili. The effort is intense.

nicolas raybaud dans la montée du granfondo yunnan
I didn’t manage to follow the leading group despite my good positioning. I find myself pulling and unravelling the small platoon that we are. At the switchover, I will have the help of my Belgian friend Danny In’t Ven.

Make the effort at the right time, stay in the wheels, do not leave too much time. The strategy paid off before Ruili’s sprint. Hang on! 

We arrive a small peloton for 20th place, in less than 2h30 and at an average speed of more than 41 km/h.

Miga fait un selfie à l'arrivée
My two friends from Mongolia Miga and Bilguun are coming to win it. Miga, the winner, even while making a seflie.

Transfer to YangJiang

Bilguunjargal mongolia
On arrival, I enjoyed meeting my Mongolian brother, Bigluun, who finished 2nd. 

We are waiting for our bus transfer to YangJiang for the next step.
transport sf express des vélos
We have to put our bikes in a truck. The transport is very protected, and no one will notice any damage. All week long, we are assigned to the same bus and truck. Indeed, 4 transfers are on the agenda, for a total of 9 hours of bus time during the week.

Each Bus has a WeChat discussion group. Thus, we are notified of all news by our referents. The organization is flawless and responsive to all questions through WeChat.

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